Frequently Asked


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What can I expect the nanny/babysitter to do?

The duties of your employee, whether nanny or babysitter, will be outlined during the hiring process. We will ensure the agreed upon terms will be included in the final nanny agreement so as to avoid confusion between both parties. Nannies are generally responsible for all aspects of care for the children, including preparing meals, tidying their toys and room, doing their laundry, bathing, etc. If additional household duties are expected, the pay rate is likely to be higher. Babysitters will have similar duties, although at a smaller scale, as they work less hours than nannies.

How long will it take to find an employee that fits my needs?

There are many factors that must be taken into account when assessing the timeline, such as location, pay rate, and job requirements to name a few. Keep in mind that the more specific your needs are, the longer it may take to find household help. It is best to think of the qualities you are seeking in two categories: "must have" and "nice to have." This will allow us to find you a candidate that is a good fit within a reasonable amount of time.

What are your fees?

The cost of the Starter plan is $25. The cost of the Select plan is $250 per week of leads. For the Premier plan, the Application Fee ($75) is paid once you have filled out the Family Application and each subsequent week is $75. These fees ensure both parties, the client and agency, are actively engaged in the process of finding you the help you seek. Please note that the Application Fee is non-refundable.The Referral Fee ranges for the Premier option are listed here and are due once the client has decided to hire a candidate introduced by NannyJi. The Referral Fee ensures the 30 day replacement guarantee. It must be paid prior to the employee starting their first day of work. The range of the Referral Fee will be shared initially and the exact amount will be assessed following placement; the fee may vary based on how specific the needs of the client are, location, changing requirements, etc.

I've filled out a Family Application, when can I expect a response?

We will be in touch with you within two business days to further discuss your needs and kick off the search.

What can you tell me about paying taxes for household help?

While NannyJi does not advise clients on tax matters and is not responsible for ensuring taxes are paid through these referrals, we can offer general information that can be beneficial to you.

Is an agency referral the only service you provide?

No, we offer background checks as well! We are also working on additional features to connect domestic workers with families and expanding our areas of service--stay tuned!

What is your process?

A detailed outline of our process for our Starter, Select and Premium plans is outlined here. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Do you guarantee that you will find me the help I'm seeking?

Unfortunately, we cannot realistically provide this guarantee due to the nature of this business. However, we can assure you that we will try our absolute best to place a domestic worker that meets your needs. Our professionalism and success with placements is the reason we are highly referred and why clients have been repeat customers for their staffing needs.

I'm a nanny/housekeeper/cook, do I have to pay a fee to apply or be placed with a family?

No. At NannyJi we never collect any fees from nannies or other domestic workers. We also do not take a portion of your salary. Once you have been hired, you are the direct employee of the family.

How much do your nannies get paid?

This really depends on the job requirements. Aspects such as duties, hours worked, location, special skills required, and benefits offered are all taken into consideration. We always start the process asking clients the rate they are offering and then provide our input and guidance on whether or not it is fair compensation for the position. Our approval of your application is dependent on compensation based on market rates. We try our best to work with everyone to ensure that all parties will be content, which helps to maintain long term employer-employee relationships.

Do you guarantee that employees hired through your service will remain at the position long term?

Nannies and all domestic workers--like all other employees in today's workforce--are at-will employees and are free to leave a position at any point, therefore we cannot provide any such guarantees. However, we do have practices in place to establish a good fit, ensure the workers feel well-compensated and make sure all aspects of the job have been discussed with a contract in place, which sets the stage for long term employment. Additionally, we have a 30 day replacement guarantee with the Premier plan, which ensures that we will find you another employee at no additional cost should something unexpected occur. Furthermore, any domestic workers that have proven to be unprofessional will be removed from our network and will not be referred by NannyJi.

How has the pandemic changed the hiring process?

Since the pandemic, families and caregivers alike have been taking additional precautions to prevent exposure to Covid-19: masking, social distancing, and increased hand-washing. NannyJi highly encourages vaccination of all individuals to ensure wellness for all parties, particularly children who are not yet able to get vaccinated. Further, the demand for live-in nannies has greatly increased post-covid, as well as the rates. Please keep this in mind if that falls within your needs.

What do your background checks entail?

Our Standard Check includes: - National Criminal Search - Sex Offender Search - SSN Trace - Global Watchlist Search We can also do a background check for those who do not have an Social Security Number with the SSN-less Background Check. The following additional services can be added as well. As fees vary by state, please inquire about the cost: - Motor Vehicle Report - County Criminal Search - County Criminal Search (last 7 years) Please note that background checks are not guaranteed to be 100% comprehensive or accurate due to the nature of Federal, State and County legislation and jurisdictions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information on limitations.

Do you service clients outside the tri-state area?

Yes! While the majority of our network is located within the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT), we do place domestic workers in other states on a case by case basis. This would entail either relocation of canddiates within our existing network or sourcing new candidates within your specific area. Feel free to inquire further.